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Make a Bold Statement with Our Pylon Signs

When it comes to making a striking first impression, nothing works quite like a well-designed pylon sign. At Florida Neon Signs, we specialize in creating pylon signs that are not just signage, but landmarks. These towering signs are crafted to showcase your business's entrance, making a statement that is visible from afar.


Our process involves understanding your unique requirements and translating them into a sign that captures the essence of your brand. Whether it’s incorporating electronic message boards, channel letters, or architectural accents, our team in Pinellas County is committed to delivering a sign that elevates your business’s visibility and appeal.

Custom-Designed Pylon Signs for Maximum Impact

Our pylon sign services offer a range of benefits:


  • Tailored Designs: We create signs that perfectly align with your business's branding and architectural style.
  • Diverse Options: From traditional pole signs to light pole banners, our range ensures a solution for every need.
  • Quality Manufacturing: Using only the best materials, we ensure each sign is durable and weather-resistant.
  • Professional Installation and Maintenance: Our team manages installation and provides regular maintenance, keeping your sign in top condition.
  • Visibility Enhancement: Pylon signs are designed for high visibility, making your business noticeable even from a distance.

Your Pylon Sign Questions, Answered

How do we choose the right design for our pylon sign?

Our design process is collaborative. We start by understanding your brand and location, then suggest designs that will maximize visibility and complement your business’s style.

Yes, we offer various lighting options, including energy-efficient LED lighting, to ensure your sign is impactful and visible at all times.

We provide comprehensive maintenance services. From regular check-ups to any necessary repairs, we ensure your pylon sign remains an impressive feature for your business.

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