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Cutting-Edge Electronic Message Centers

In today's fast-paced world, capturing the attention of potential customers is crucial, and that's where our Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) come into play. At Florida Neon Signs, we specialize in creating dynamic, eye-catching EMCs that cater to a diverse range of businesses, including car dealerships, restaurants, hotels, and churches. Our approach is to not just sell a product but to provide a vibrant communication solution that effectively conveys your message to your audience.


We take pride in our ability to customize EMCs to your specific needs, ensuring they align perfectly with your brand's messaging and aesthetic. From concept to installation, our team works diligently to deliver an EMC that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Customized Solutions for Impactful Messaging

Our Electronic Message Center services include:


  • Versatility: Whether you need a single color or full color EMC, we cater to various display requirements.
  • Custom Design: Each EMC is uniquely designed to fit your business's specific needs and budget constraints.
  • Seamless Integration: We ensure that the EMC can be integrated into existing or new signage seamlessly.
  • Visibility Enhancement: Our EMCs are designed for maximum visibility, attracting and engaging potential customers.
  • Comprehensive Service: From design and installation to ongoing maintenance, we provide end-to-end service.

Your Electronic Message Center Questions Answered

How do I determine the right type of EMC for my business?

We start with a consultation to understand your business’s specific goals and target audience. Based on this, we recommend the most effective EMC type, considering factors like location visibility, content complexity, and budget.

Absolutely. Customization is key in our design process. We ensure that every aspect of the EMC, from color schemes to graphics, reflects your brand identity and message.

We provide comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure your EMC remains in top condition. This includes regular check-ups and prompt repairs, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimal performance.

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